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You're going where no man has gone before

Don't ask us where that is-we have no idea

`·.¸¸.☆ one-way ticket to PLUTO ⇒
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01.get ready for the blast off
Pluto is a little graphic community run by metallic. Icons, banners, and occasionally animated gifs will be posted here usually featuring tv shows, movies, actors, musicians, fashion, and stock. If you like what you see, then please join and/or watch the community! Feel free to get comfortable and ask questions! Requests may also be taken in the future so stay tuned.
Credit either pluto or metallic.
Do NOT hotlink anything. Save to your own server.
Textless icons are NOT bases. Please don't edit them.
Comments are ♥.
Enjoy! Join or watch while you're at it too.
03.towering in shiny metallic
Metallic is your typical lame-o college kid that needs some time to kill when pretending to do homework or studying for exams. Making icons is an easy way to pass the time and fail classes. Who likes good grades anyway? Graduating is for dummies.
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